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Nashville’s powerhouse rebel Phenix Red gives pop music it’s “Girl on Fire”. With multiple EPs, a dozen singles, and over a dozen music videos, Phenix Red is a visionary to be reckoned with in 2020. A truly compelling artist whose visuals compliment her thought-provoking sound and avant-garde sense of style, Phenix combines all the elements.


Shortly after graduating highschool Phenix moved to Nashville. Within the first year of moving she recorded an album, of which she never released. Phenix continued to dial in on her sound and let it grow. She began merging her childhood inspirations of Avril Lavigne and Evanescence with her deep love for great MC’s and hip-hop angst. Phenix has been building her brand and sound independently for the last 4 years.


After moving to Nashville, Phenix Red got her Recording engineering degree at Nashville State. She currently co-owns and operates her own studio on historic Printers Alley. She has collaborated with National/Worldwide acts Jadakiss, Romeo Miller, Jim Jones, and Cassidy. Phenix Red’s has worked with her producer Mike Ewing for the last five years. The two have become quite the creative pair building her sound and working countless hours in the studio. Mike Ewing has produced for Def Jam artist Danileigh, Rick Ross, Gladys Knight, and Meek Mill among many others.


One of her latest and greatest collaborations has been with Warner Music Russia artist, “Andy Darling”. The two feisty and culture bending artists have written over 60 records together. They recently released their first bi-lingual track “Ratatata” which you can listen to HERE and see the stunning visual. More collaborations are planned for this year.


Phenix was born and raised in a small town in rural Wisconsin. From cornfields to couture, from rodeos to living in the city, Phenix has never felt a need to apologize for her self expression. She would milk cows and work on the farm to pay for recording her demos in highschool. Always sporting a love for dark eyeliner and androgyny, Phenix has been evolving her “goth pop” look as a staple of her brand.


Phenix is an active #LYMEWARRIOR and mental/spiritual health activist after being diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2018, Phenix Red went through a health battle that she now uses as inspiration in her music.

Phenix is also an ambassador to the international non-profit “Free For Life” that works in the rescue, rehabilitation, and restoration of sex trafficking victims across the globe. Curating special performances for their fundraising efforts and helping to spread awareness to the cause. In line with the empowering message in her music, she makes a point to be a voice for the voiceless.


With her latest release “MF Down” she has proved yet again that her unique and signature songwriting skills have continued to evolve into a fresh innovative blend of genre bending sounds. Working closely with her self-cultivated team of individuals, Phenix Red continues to amaze us with her delivery. It won’t be long until the world knows her name!

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